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Hiring a team such as BestLyfe Group may make you want to do a double-take but that's because you have not yet experienced the potential return on investment beautiful, responsive websites can produce!

Think about it, how many more dollars is your competition making more than you simply by showing up on the top page of google which costs NOTHING if done right? How many repeat customers do you think you'll get if they remember your site's appearance on top of all the others? Sure, you can do it all yourself, but managing an entire business on top of managing a responsive website and the problems that come with it? Who are you? Superman?

We're glad you asked! BestLyfe Group separates itself from the competition by being subject matter experts in our niche rather than trying to be something to everyone, like those other guys. BestLyfe Group's holistic digital marketing business model combines SEO, Ads, Marketing, and Consultation specifically for the events & rental niche to provide proven results!

BestLyfe Group's wholistic digital marketing solutions combine every avenue of marketing to drive traffic to your site. On top of monthly business coaching and business development, Platinum member's websites receive aggressive ad targeting using FaceBook & Google Ads to drive the likely clients to your site. SEO optimization of every category page and strategic city targeting with commonly searched keywords to grow your Google visibility even against competitors that are much bigger than you!

From start to finish, our experts will conduct a deep analysis of your business and its competitors to find the strengths and weaknesses in keywords for each. Our team will then improve on your strengths while exploiting competitor's areas of weakness to allow you to become viewable in the most competitive areas. Once started, work will be tracked and communicated with reported milestones and goals to stay accountable to you and ourselves. Rather than getting you ranked for a short period of time and then dropping, our team will work to establish your brand's authority to encourage the search algorithms to consistently feature your pages at the top of searches

Presently, you will need more than building a website and running paid ads to actually be considered competitive. Everyone knows that in order to grab more customers, you need to be seen on Google as well as across social media. This has made the internet more competitive than ever! While just having a website acts as the storefront of your business, ads, SEO, social media presence, and brand management combine forces to give energy to your site and funnel customers to you while you work, spend time with family, and even while you sleep! How did your business ever get by without it?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of updating and optimizing your site's existing data with keywords, schema keyword phrases, metadata optimization, image/video tagging, etc, basically filling every single blank box and then some to make sure Google recognizes your site as a serious competitor in your area and begin ranking it. Once ranked, you will begin to drive FREE traffic that's looking for what you're selling! SEO is a long-term investment.

Advertising is akin to a short-term strategy, it uses Google and social media platforms to search for people in your chosen area and attempt to divert them to you at a specific fee per customer usually whether they buy or not!

A combination of both is always best but SEO by itself is extremely labor-intensive, that's why a team like ours is hired, to save you mental space and let your focus on one less thing!