BestLyfe bookkeeping and reporting service is a Business Finance Optimization tool.

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Why get a BestLyfe bookkeeper?


The cost of bookkeeping is always affordable because it is determined by your company's activities:


  • set up and update your QuickBooks account
  • classify your transactions
  • optimize your chart of accounts
  • complete monthly reconciliations of your accounts
  • provide personalized training to optimize your QuickBooks settings
  • and much more. Too much to keep on listing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Low volume? All the better. The fees are relevant to your company's current level of activity.

Low activity means a lower fee and no reason to opt out of such a valuable service.

What you don't want to do is wait until your company reaches a certain size or a certain level of performance before you circle back to this vital service. Trying to reconcile years of “messy books” because you opted out of a bookkeeping service when your company was small could prove more costly. For some businesses, years of inaccurate bookkeeping can lead to unwanted consequences like expensive penalties, high tax bills, and interest owed to the government―all of which are issues that come up during a spontaneous audit from the IRS.

Bookkeeping might not be a revenue-generating service, but it sure as hell is a value-adding service. While it does not directly generate revenue for your business, it prevents losses you're currently facing.

Like it or not, the money you think you're saving by not getting a bookkeeper is leaving your pocket, anyway. It's getting leached away by products, services, or features that diminish the profitability of your business because you don't need them, don't use them, or they don't generate the ROI you think they do.

The other side of the coin is that even in rare instances where your business is not explicitly losing money, you're still in the dark about whether or not your spending and investments have been optimized.

Until you know your true numbers, until everything has been tagged and bagged in your business, your assessment of its financial health is just guesswork.

You deserve to know the truth about the financial health of your business so you can make wiser decisions.

That's because it's not their job to provide a financial bill of health for your business. They're just there to make sure your books are legit, and you're in good standing with the IRS.

Whether you're overpaying for a service is of no consequence to them. The fact that you can optimize the returns on your investments, swap out low-performing inventory items for more profitable ones, or get more leads by switching to Google Ads instead of Facebook Ads is not in their wheelhouse.

But a BestLyfe bookkeeper will set up and manage your accounts, so you understand the real meaning of your numbers and the story they tell about your finances.