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Updated: 27th of September, 2023


Are your ads falling on deaf ears?

We feel your pain.

These days, it's tough to cut through the noise on social media.

From influencer clickbait videos to celebrity "entanglements,"

it's easy to get overlooked.

And if you can't cut through the noise,

it sits on top of your message like a 2-ton elephant,

crushing your offer out of existence.

Finding the right agency to win the war for attention is crucial.

Some agencies burst out the gates with that coke-binge energy, shouting:


And you wonder...

"Are they gonna scare the sh*t out of my audience?"

Short answer: yes.

Rather than suplex your trust into submission with statements in ALL CAPS, we show the receipts: proof that we fetch 10x returns on ad spend.

And we don't need gimmicks to get your customers' attention.

Our copywriters dish out ads that hit the soul like baby bear's porridge: just right.


If you're done with 2nd place…

Sick and tired of fighting to be heard…

And you just want a company that's going to keep their word, do the damn job, even exceed your expectations…

Listen up.

We're giving away free 30-minute strategy sessions to businesses that want to skyrocket their revenue through Facebook Ads.

Yes, free.


It's one thing to tell you we know our sh*t. It's another thing to show you.

But before you click that "book now" button, here are a few reasons you might NOT want to meet us:

  •   You're not convinced that Facebook Ads can level up your business

  •   You can't/won't double down and fully commit to your business

  •   You're fine with the way things are

Not ticking any boxes? Great. Right this way.

  •   Open your calendar

  •   Clear out a 30-min slot

  •   Book your free strategy session with us.

It might be the best decision you'll make all week.


Optimized Facebook ads that slash costs and skyrocket conversions

Facebook Ads can be expensive, especially if you're targeting a large audience. That's why we go deep into the jungle of audience research to retrieve unique target demographic data.

Armed with this knowledge, we create customized ads so intuitive that Facebook users stop to wonder if you're reading their minds. Our ads strike down objections to your offer like a sniper, leaving prospects free to click your ads without reservations.

Engagement goes up. Conversions go up. Suddenly, your business is running the most cost-effective campaign since it dared to tackle Facebook.

Don't blow your money on costly trial and error. Schedule a session and tell us what you've been doing or what you plan to do.

We'll give you ideas on how to maximize the performance of your campaigns―for free. Why?

We'd love the opportunity to earn your trust and prove we know what we're talking about by contributing a few wins to your business.

Say goodbye to the Facebook info dump: get customized reports

Ever feel like Facebook's analytics dashboard (Meta) is just one big info dump? Sure, all the information is technically "at your fingertips." Still, you get too much of it, and worse yet, the information you want―the stuff that will help you optimize your ad performance―is tucked away in those hard-to-find corners of Meta Business Suite.

When you're a client of BestLyfe Group, you get customized Facebook ad campaign reports. No more getting stuck in a tangle of data threads, trying to tease out the information you want to see.

We tackle the backend of campaign data and pull out everything you need to get a clear view of where you are and where you're heading.

Our specialists go beyond looking at basic metrics like cost per click (CPC), click-through rate (CTR), and conversion rate (CVR).

We dig into many of the user engagement metrics available through Meta to optimize the cost-effectiveness of your campaigns, keeping them on track to meet or exceed their objectives.

Book a session with us to learn more about our simple and transparent reporting or to find out what we would do to optimize your current tracking and metrics.

Avoid the spam trap: keep your audience engaged, not annoyed

When campaigns are not set up correctly, your audience risks being overexposed to your ads and feeling spammed.

It's a well-known fact that prospects need to see an ad at least seven times before they take action, but without controlled exposure, the only action they'll take is avoidance.

BestLyfe Group dials in your ad budget, audience size, and audience segments to ensure your prospects get the right dose of exposure to your ads. Your company will feel more like a friendly face in the neighborhood rather than an overzealous stalker, heavily breathing down their necks, with a longing look of desire in your eyes―like you're about to give them a surprise they didn't ask for.

If you need to figure out whether you're currently spamming your audience or you want to launch campaigns tuned to the Mr. Rogers setting, book a strategy session today. We'll take a look at what you have going on and bring out the best in it.

From eye-rolls to engagement: revive your ads with our wit and charm

Facebook users only need to scroll once (maybe twice) before they get slammed by an ad. You know the type...

"Hey! It's Messy Jessy here, and I bet you're wondering how to [insert thing you're not wondering about]. Well, you're in luck..."

The pitch is so easy to ignore you have to wonder if marketers get their inspiration from the same stale playbook.

But here's the thing.

If users like the ads they see, they don't mind the interruption. They lean in rather than roll their eyes. So, it's important to get it right.

BestLyfe Group creates a custom marketing playbook for your business and keeps your ad content fresh.

If you've experienced creative burnout, struggling to find different ways to state your offer, then it might be time to give yourself a break and pass the baton.

Our team of witty copywriters covers the entire gamut of messaging, from smartass sass to clever corporate swagger. Your brand stays relevant and exciting, month after month.

Want ads that stop the scroll?

Want ads that people actually read on Facebook?

Book a strategy session.

We'll tell you about the amazing things our wordsmiths can do to revive your ad campaigns, improve click-through rates, and boost engagement with your brand.



In Ad Spend


Average Return


Happy Clients

Why BestLyfe Group is the go-to Facebook ads agency in Atlanta

Facebook Ads PPC management company to target YOUR customers
Targeting the right audience

Businesses think they know who their market is, but our AI and data-driven research methods usually find a niche within the niche: your true target audience. By showing ads to the true target audience, businesses enjoy higher conversion rates and returns on their ad spend.

PPC Marketing from BestLyfe Group will stop your potential customers in their tracks and have them going to your website.
Scroll-stopping ads

Too many businesses deploy polished ads that look like ads. Facebook users are primed to ignore them. We've mastered the art of stopping the scroll with unique ads that grab attention and sustain interest in your offer.

Facebook Ads optimized to bring you results and a high ROI
Optimized campaigns

Several factors affect your ads' performance, and we test them all. From ad images to copy to bidding strategies, we tweak the dials until you get the greatest return on your investment.

BestLyfe Group offers Facebook Ads PPC Management with guaranteed results.


We guarantee our work, or you don't pay.
To date, not a single client (past or present) has ever needed to request a refund.
When it comes to Facebook ad campaign strategies, the team we put together is in a league of its own, which is why we can offer the best guarantee in the business without breaking a sweat.
Claim your free consultation with confidence.

BestLyfe Group Offers a Satisfaction Guarantee on all Facebook Ads Management



You're going to love this call! We'll discuss your business's goals and how to achieve them with Facebook ad campaigns.

We'll also cover:

  •   How to go from low or negative ROIs to net positive returns from your ad spend in less than 3 months.

  •   How to combine different campaign styles to get maximum engagement and conversions.

  •   The most common mistake businesses make when launching Facebook ad campaigns.

This call is ONLY for businesses who want to get moving ASAP.

The Facebook Ads Manager dashboard is constantly changing.

If you get on a call today and implement the advice a month from now, you might not be able to find the optimization tools we discussed.

So, if you're ready to talk to an expert, and take action right away, click the button, and let's get moving!


We offer free 30-minute strategy sessions to business owners who are serious about running Facebook ad campaigns to skyrocket their revenue.

  •   Fill out the form.
  •   Meet one of the coolest, most knowledgeable, easy-to-talk-to ads expert in the field.
  •   Get ideas that will change the course of your business.
The ideas are yours to keep. Enjoy!


The answer depends on the market you're in and who is managing your ad campaigns.

Stiff competition for specific keywords in your market could see you spending more than someone in another niche.

Dry headlines, weak offers, and vanilla landing pages can also drive up costs. It's harder to convert prospects into buyers when the company's messaging is unclear or unattractive.

If you're looking for an agency that's going to blindly take your money, run a bunch of ads, and let the chips fall where they may―we don't do that here. Might as well close the browser tab now. There's a reason you see returns on ad spend as high as 55X in our "proof" section. We optimize your brand's voice and its message before launching campaigns.

Set up a free consultation with BestLyfe Group, and we'll make sure you're in good shape to run ads and run the best campaigns your business has ever seen.

Unless you're a pro, we doubt you're actually saving money. Sorry to break the news to you, but as the saying goes, "If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait 'til you hire an amateur."

Every decision made by our Facebook Ads management team is driven by years of accumulated data from every campaign we've ever run.

Our insider knowledge gets phenomenal ROIs for our clients.

Our team of creatives analyzes ad performance, split-tests your ads, and tweaks the dials on your campaigns until they meet the BestLyfe performance standard.

Getting results is not the same as getting the best results. We are dedicated to providing nothing but the best for our clients. We work in the shadows so you can shine in the light.

Why go it alone when you don't have to?

There's a team of talented marketers who would love nothing more than to contribute to your success.

Get on a strategy session call with us, and you might be surprised by how much you like what you hear.

We're glad you asked.

It all boils down to your customer's journey.

Their experience online is nothing more than a torrent of distractions, like:

  •   Endless TikTok videos

  •   Elon Musk taking over Twitter

  •   Half-naked women watching Dan Bilzerian feed a bear that could rip him to shreds.

To get your prospect's attention, you need to capture their heart in a microsecond. You need to speak to their needs, their pain, or the problem they're trying to solve.

  •   Dry headlines are titles that don't communicate benefits.

  •   Cookie-cutter landing pages are like mailers you get at your home. They go straight from the mailbox to the trash.

  •   Weak offers are so unconvincing prospects wonder if you know how "business" works.

Want to know why our clients see 2x, 5x, and 10x ROI on their ad spend?

It's because we make sure their prospect-to-customer pipeline is intact before sending paid traffic to it.

Schedule a free consultation with BestLyfe Group. We'll review your customer journey, track down opportunities to optimize it, and create a plan that gets you incredible results.

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